ID Media as is a film production company started in 2015 and is on the 16th floor at Høghuset in Bryne, Rogaland.

We make commercials for use on social media, supplier for Capa cinema commercials, films events and prepares presentation films for small and large companies.

Do you need a good idea?

Donæt worry, ID media consist of creative souls who love to hatch good manuscripts!

We have equipment and crew for any production. If needed, we will hire skilled freelancers that we work with. Thus, no assignments are too small and none are too big.

We produce according to your desire and budget - the involved you wish to be in the process is up to you.






We are a proud supplier to CAPA cinema commercials


Whether you want a beautiful presentation film of the business or a commercial movie that stands out - see our references


In cooperation with CompanyCasts AS, we provide web streaming adapted to your business


Certified and experienced RO-1 dronepilot and can take up to 4K images from the air


The world's most expensive TV commercials cost over half a billion.
There are 10 minute movies for 10,000 kr.

What a commercial movie will cost depends on several factors. How many hours agree to plan and produce it. Required special recording location, props, actors with and without experience, graphics, special equipment etc.

It's like building a house. You can do it yourself, get help from friends and buy cheap materials. But, how long will it take and will the results be as expected?

If you use specialists like mason, carpenter, electrician, plumber, painter, and buy the best materials, you will get a better result, but to another budget.

Movies work the same way. Specialists only have other names; producer, director, scriptwriter, photographer, director of the light, sound manager, etc. If you read the caption on a good movie you can see how many people were involved.

The formula is simple:
High budget = more hours + props + locations + special effects = high quality

But fortunately you can also produce great movies with a small budget! A creative team of skilled professionals can get the most incredible.

Therefore, we ask you: - What is your budget?

We adapt crew and equipment to your needs.

Contact us! We find the solution that suits you!




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